Produced by: Dr Marc De Biase

This series is designed to be watched from the start-up through your catching pace with me in real time production of the web site and media content. The videos are primarily raw footage of "REALITY" including practically everything I am doing as I progress forward. As I add videos here, on YouTube, and on Facebook, the journey will continue.

Once you catch me, videos will be published as often as possible. I have a mountain of content I want to discuss and demonstrate in the study from percussion technique and core balance of percussion, to technology upgrading of a modern home studio, to music composition. It is a reality series based on my personal study of John Henry Bonham, reflective journal, and content for others to explore for the purposes of scholarship and learning!

To get started here, plug through the pages on the web site to see what is here, and gather expectations about what will follow. You may want to start here with About Producer.

Status: TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION = Marc is taking online course for Focusrite Pro 40 and Saffire. Marc has taken course on Logic Pro Studio X and is exploring recording content in the environment.
Status: COMPOSITION = Marc is gathering more material for publication as this series continues.

John Henry Bonham (31 May, 1948 - 25 September, 1980)

was an English drummer and songwriter,
best known as the drummer for Led Zeppelin



Featured Blues Video - Junior Kimbrough

Featured South African Video - Call / Responce

Featured Indian Influence Video - Al Gromer Khan